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Wednesday Night Meets 7:00PM - 9:30PM
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09-07-2011 to 12-31-2015 07:00 PM to 09:30 PM
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Every Wednesday evening at 7pm there is a Genesis meet at the Boston Pizza at the north end of the Kingsway Garden Mall parking lot, at 11299 109 st. Anyone who shows up can usually just go inside and ask for the car club group if no one is outside by the cars.

Cars start showing up around 6:45, we socialize for a while, and normally by around 7:30 there is a decision about whether we are going in to BP's for dinner or if we are going to go on a cruise elsewhere to eat. If you run late and we aren't at BP's, chances are good we went down to the Cheesecake Cafe on 170 st and 100 ave.

If it's a nice night we will usually cruise for a bit after dinner, occasionally stopping at a Marble Slab for ice cream.

No invitation is needed - Just show up!
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Yeah there was a few guys out last night. I didn't make as I had a ball game.
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It is pretty much every Wednesday. Please feel free to join us, there are usually 4 or more.
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