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Default Fall 2013 Amsoil group buy

Well I've had a couple people asking when I'd be posting this up so I figured I better get it up soon. This deal will run for the month of October with a final deadline date for ordering of Oct. 29. I will be bringing the oil out to the United Cycle/Tim Hortons meet on Nov. 1. Payment will be in cash.

I'll basically just copy and paste the info from the last group buy below. Please be sure to give me the exact oil you're after, eg. saying 5W30 doesn't work as there are a handful of different 5W30s for different applications and change intervals. If you're not sure which oil to go with for your application you can use the product lookup guide on amsoil.com. If you're still not sure then feel free to ask for a recommendation.

I'm going to knock another 10% off my prices that are already between 40-60% below retail prices at stores like Canadian Tire and NAPA. While I can't post specific prices because Amsoil would likely revoke my dealer licence, I'm sure some of my regular customers can vouch for my prices before the extra 10% off. If you send me a PM I can give you the specifics, just can't post the prices publicly. Sadly we still get screwed on retail pricing vs. our friends south of the border, pretty much marked up 40-50%.

There is no minimum order since everyone will be coming to the same place, but I'd really prefer you order at least enough for an oil change. You also get a bit better deal when you order in full cases, usually saves about 5% over ordering singles while ordering in cases of gallons saves around another 5%.

This isn't just for oil and fluids though. Amsoil stocks a ton of other maintenance parts, NGK plugs, EA and Wix filters, Injen air intake systems, windshield wipers and a ton more. Click on the link below, input your vehicle and it will tell you everything that's available along with all your capacities, recommended fluids, torque specs on drain bolts, etc.


Any questions fire away. Be sure to check out the Amsoil garage for your car as it should be able to answer most of your availability questions for your vehicles.

I will be asking for a full name and phone number as confirmation that your order has been received. If you haven't given me those then your order is not confirmed.

Contact Info:
Matt Haase
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