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Default Engine Bay Cleaning

So to clean all the dust out of my engine bay, without getting in there with a friggin toothbrush, what should I do? I was just gonna hose it down with low pressure from a distance, but what about electrical components? Filters? Should I leave it running while I clean it? There's a discussion on the fb page:

Ok so I can't link to it so here's the whole bloody thing:...

Isak Kim
How do I clean all the dust under my hood?
It's looking nasty.. Help me out here.
25 June at 10:46 near Chandler, AZ

Lance Carmichael hit up one of those self wash place, use plastic bags to cover filters and major electrical connections, choose the engine bay cleaner option. and go to town. everything under the hood will be fine (minus filters) just dont directly spray on the eletrical stuff. use low preessure to clean off the cleaner, then wipe down. good to go.

Lance Carmichael use a back and forth sweeping motion.

Isak Kim I would cover the battery, fuse box, HID ballast, and my CAI filter?

Lance Carmichael battery will be fine, ballasts SHOULD be already sealed. but def cover up your filter unless you have time to sit there nd have it dry. i just use plastic bags. fuse box will be fine too, it has a cover. but its always better to be safe then sorry. use your judgement

Lance Carmichael youll be fine.

Isak Kim There is no way I can reach my filter unless I take off the bumper.

Lance Carmichael hmmm....maybejust stick a bag down that direction then, and becarful where and how you spray the engine bay

Isak Kim Good idea. Okay I will try it. Thanks for the info.

Zach Garrow Simple green does wonders with a little elbow grease

Bill Muhfckn Smith Yea. Simple green and a hose. Idk if bags are needed tho. Just don't hose water on anything important. Tire shine after its dry can look too

Isak Kim is simple green a product?

Lance Carmichael i just use the sprayer cause its quicker, its a very low pressure one so im not wrried about it.
yes simple green you can get at most stores. i also use armor all on all the plastic stuff to make it shine real nice too.

Zach Garrow Yes sir it is

Simple Green 13033 All-Purpose Cleaner, Original Sassafras Scent, Trigger Spray, 32 Ounces
Original Sassafras Scent Simple Green is the safer alternative to toxic cleaners...See more

Mike Shelby IMO Purple Power is better than Simple Green, but same idea.

Lance Carmichael i personally like Complicated Blue

Bill Muhfckn Smith Purple power lol

Joshua Gholston no dont use purple power thats to strong like a acid. read the label no to be applied on Aluminum. Simple Green will do fine & finish with Black magic tire shine.

Bill Muhfckn Smith Bam

Anthony Csombok I just spray red hot engine degreaser on everything under the hood I usualy detail my engine bay 2 to 3 times a year and no problems with electrical or intake no need to cover all that stuff just leave the car running while u do it

Zachary T. G. Carter Dude just use engine enamel you can't go wrong there !!

Bill Muhfckn Smith No running!!!!!!! Its hot aluminum and cool water. That's equals bad news

Dmitriy Vaynshteyn No actually running is the way it's supposed to be, otherwise you're asking for issues with your alternator

Bill Muhfckn Smith Well agree too disagree here. This is just like how you can't hose off your rotors/wheels when hot coss they'll warp
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