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Old 07-09-2011, 11:00 PM
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People only remember the bad things in life.
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Old 09-20-2011, 06:31 PM
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I don't recommend to go to E-Z either. If they think you don't know anything they will rip you off. I paid $40 for a car freshens, its expensive but i don't know y i paid for that. *Stupid me, a lesson to learn*.
So I went there asked for a quote on install the catback.
E-Z asked me what kind of exhaust? i told them is Cp-e.
Then E-Z asked how much you paid for it? I told them i bought it for $650+import tax.
E-Z says you got a good deal, i say yeah i got it used.
E-Z says it will cost $400 for install because i didn't buy it from them,second it take long time and third because i got it cheap(i don't want to write down everything). "Im thinking in my head i got the exhaust for cheap because im lucky i can save some money, why the hell he charge me $400 just because i got it cheap?"
I told e-z it too expensive so e-z told me they will do it for $280 because im in gencoupe club (im from the forum but not at the meeting because of my english) so they want to take good care of me. I still don't like the price so i left, and got a phone call from e-z right away say they will do it for $180.

Everything i wrote down is true, i do not make up anything from above. They do offer good service like Jeff say though, like pick up my exhaust, drive me home, and pick me up again when finish. But the price is what i don't like, not very honest.

At the end i installed it at somewhere else for $90. Its took an hour to finished due to the tips arent align.
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slEaZy motorsports strikes again.
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Old 09-22-2011, 10:10 AM
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i will never go to ez or reccomend them to anyone. I have not dealt with them in regards to buying or installing, however we did go to a charity car show with them.

We meet at the stop at 8am, and was then basically told and not asked to have their stickers put on my car (along with others). Now, I am very particular on stickers and would of had absolutely no problem having them on for the show if i was asked. . Well, after having to move my car 10 times in a matter of an hour for them to do the stickers as well as them leaning on the car with jacket zippers and keys....i was not impressed. Anyways, off to the car show... we end up at our destination at about 9am. Up onto the front entrance of the building to set up..well that was a headache. had, to do a 21 point turn to get turned around and after moving another 10 times before he liked the position of all the cars, we get out and take a good breathe and try to enjoy things. That didnt last long either after we found out the car show didnt start till 7 or 8 pm that night when there was a performance going on. Well, i can say i stood around for an hour or two and then left with a not very happy morning.

All in all, i felt my time was wasted and I (my car) was not respected. They were very disorganized and the sole fact of them not asking to put stickers on but telling me did not sit well from the very beginning.
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