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Default 2nd Anual Banff Run

The Banff trip is about 24 days from now and we need to get our poop ina group.... NOW

Here is the basic plan... Feel free to sugest a better one or run your own route, just let others know so they can join you if they like...

Friday Aug 27 meet in Edmonton, travel to Red Deer, travel to Calgary, hit Banff and get settled in...beverages yehaaaww.
Sat Aug 28 travel to Golden or somewhere of the like for lunch, return to Banff...beverages and yehaaaaw
Sunay Aug 29 Breakies, goodbyes, edmonton/red deer members head home viaCalgary...or up through Jasper.

For BC guys, we can Meet up in Banff Saturday morning, or Golden around lunch, and we may run further to teh interior if enough guys are up for it!!

Now this is just a sugestion, as with EVERYTHING we do, it is a democracy and if anyone has a better plan or route, speak up!!

I would also like to know who is a for sure you bet wouldnt miss it;

who is a maybe I dont know depends on work how wifey feels if my mommy will let me out;

or who is a lamer cant make it didnt plan well eough, HAVE to work cant get out of it.

Also if you are running a bit tight on cash, dont let that stop you, it is verry economical, if you share a tent site its only about 18 bucks a night, food will run you probably 23 a ay or so, depending if you eat like a bir or a hog like me, fuel cost will run about 150 - 200.
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