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Default Decals and Cards

Originally Posted by Dogstar View Post
I want this design:

I think we can talk him into making it .ca for us as well.
After discussions at last night's meet (6 by the way) here is the basic info, and the pricing IS NOT a firm price, it could be a buck or two higher or lower.
$7.00 for 2 side windows, about 2" X 12 (could be 8, will find out for sure)
Possible rear window decals, have to measure and not sure about the pricing, Barry is looking into that.

So for our first run we are probably gonna go 20 sets. Still havent figured out payment yet, but we will.

The cards will have the same logo and "Alberta Chapter". we are gonna go with 1000 or 2000 first batch. I intialy thought of putting screen names on, but if we have 40 different guys ordering different number of cards....headaches. maximum first order will be 50 per member, at least till we get solid numbers of memebers who want and how many. Im just guessing but probably only looking at a coupla bucks per 50.(about 0.04c)

I think we should also open this up to all members of .ca as well, however for the cards we would need a solid count from each province and it would probably be cheeper and easier for them to order from a local source.
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