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Lol when I was looking for a genesis. The one dealer let me test drive a " pending sale " which then they said it fell through. it was a 2l genesis. I beat the piss out of it. Figured it was ok but still wanted to think about it. Well they said I couldn't buy it when I called back to say I'd like to drive it again since I was iffy on the severe vibration of the shifter. So I went elsewhere and it turns out they lied to get more money lol and both the other guy and me bailed on it. Since it was " sold"

End result from my test drive I ran over a bunch of nails and phucked the tires
The tranny was phucked I guess from defect
The vibration was the engine being phucked

So I got lucky. Bought a 3.8 through a reputable dealer. Happy this far
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