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Morphia32 09-20-2011 08:41 AM

Richmond Hill Hyundai - warning
A friendly follow up email after a visit to a local dealer:

Hi, *** and ***. Thank you for your reply, which I do not need to waste any more time to follow up with you. However, I would appreciate more if you had not taken my precious time on a Saturday which I could meet more potential clients and sold few more cars. Luckily, I had a repeated client who appreciated my premium service and bought a car from me on that day, otherwise I would have no deal on that day which I had spent few hours with you. If you had no intention to buy a car from me, you both should not have taken few hours from me, you ended up giving an offer which was way lower than our cost and bought a car from someone else. Thank you for your attention and appreciated that you had given me a valuable lesson.

Alex Mow
New Thinking. New Possibilities

"A Referral is a big is also the biggest compliment a client can give me and it is never to be taken lightly. I pledge to treat everyone that is referred to me with the utmost level of respect and professionalism"

Tedward 09-20-2011 08:48 AM

Must have been his first day on the job if he considers spending a few hours with someone who then doesn't buy a lesson.

Morphia32 09-20-2011 02:24 PM

And verbally abusive too. He was trying to attack by saying if I can't afford the car, I shouldn't have gone to the dealership and wasted his time.

I could have complained to management right then and there but decided I had better things to do with my time than to argue about non-sense. Then he decided to send this followup letter. Now how retarded is this?

The email has been forwarded to Customer Relations at Hyundai Canada and I have called them but there doesn't seem to be any urgency on their behalf to correct their sales rep's mannerism.


Tedward 09-20-2011 02:56 PM

I wouldn't count on much happening. One dealer here in Edmonton is absolutely horrible, everyone has a bad experience with them. They've lost my keys and refused to replace them, sold a car I had a deposit on, lied about work being covered under warranty, refused to fix problems that a car had before I bought it.. Everyone has similar stories. All you can really do is try to raise awareness of problems you've had through threads like this one.

TurtleJeff 09-20-2011 04:22 PM


Originally Posted by Tedward (Post 8247)
... One dealer here in Edmonton is ... bad ... They've lost my keys and refused to replace them, sold a car I had a deposit on, lied about work being covered under warranty, refused to fix problems that a car had before I bought it...

Are you talking about NorthStar?

Morphia32: That's incredible. I have a friend who is an ex-car salesman. They make a huge commission off a sale and this guy is complaining about getting only one? :confused: And even more appalling is his grammar! Ouch. :(

Morphia32 09-20-2011 07:27 PM

Speaking of selling a car that was sold, that's what he was trying to do. He claimed the purchaser's credit fell through and I can have the car if I paid what that person paid, which was full MSRP. I'm thinking, seriously?!, somebody actually bought a car without any negotiations? It's not like I am buying a Bugatti Veyron. And besides, that person should have first opportunity to make payment in some other form. This sales rep claims to have worked for Hyundai for 4 years now. :eek:

Just raising awareness so that the next person who walks into that dealership won't be as stupefied as I was.

Tedward 09-21-2011 06:52 AM


Originally Posted by TurtleJeff (Post 8248)
Are you talking about NorthStar?

See? I don't even need to name the place and people know where I'm referring to :p

Toemee 01-30-2013 01:42 PM

Lol when I was looking for a genesis. The one dealer let me test drive a " pending sale " which then they said it fell through. it was a 2l genesis. I beat the piss out of it. Figured it was ok but still wanted to think about it. Well they said I couldn't buy it when I called back to say I'd like to drive it again since I was iffy on the severe vibration of the shifter. So I went elsewhere and it turns out they lied to get more money lol and both the other guy and me bailed on it. Since it was " sold"

End result from my test drive I ran over a bunch of nails and phucked the tires
The tranny was phucked I guess from defect
The vibration was the engine being phucked

So I got lucky. Bought a 3.8 through a reputable dealer. Happy this far

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